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We are thrilled with the publication of our paper investigating environmental drivers of large‐scale movements of blue, fin and sei whales in the mid‐North Atlantic Ocean:

Non-targeted tourism affects the behavioural budgets of #bottlenose #dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), South Adriatic, Montenegro. New article from @jackclarkson0 et al.

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Take a break today. Enjoy some of our #BRUV highlights from #Madagascar. 🐙🐠🦈

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Undisputed champions of the #Cape west coast are the #Heaviside’s #dolphins. Residents of the #Benguela ecosystem, they are prolific from #CapeTown northwards. Saw a leucistic calf in the mix yesterday.

⚡️PRESS RELEASE: Not only humans, but also animals have culture.

How #animalculture matters for #conservation of social species is being discussed at #CMSCOP13. Examples are proposed Concerted Actions for Sperm Whales and nut-cracking Chimpanzees.


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