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SE coast of Florida as a possible nursery ground for manta ray published in @ESR_IR by @MarineMegafauna. We have a lot to learn about these animals in our coastal waters! I am baffled to see so many of them close to the beach

Sharing is good. Learn to share from the rough-toothed #dolphins of #Mexico in our newest #publication in Marine Mammal Science. From a small #drone, we watched them pass a fish back and forth! @ecology_lab @jjkiszka @whalesguerrero (a thread)

Dolphins share food! In our paper published today in Marine Mammal Science @marinemammalogy led by @EricAngelRamos we describe food sharing in rough-toothed dolphins off Mexico using drone footages @whalesguerrero @ecology_lab @FIUCASE

The @IUCNRedList status of pygmy (Kogia breviceps) and dwarf sperm whales (K. sima) has just been released @IUCNCetaceanSG @GillBraulik

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