Dr. Jeremy Kiszka

Dr. Kiszka is an Assistant Professor at the Marine Sciences Program of FIU


Ecological roles and importance of marine mammals and other marine vertebrates in a variety of marine ecosystems.


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Dr. Kiszka studies the ecological roles and importance of marine mammals and other large marine vertebrates (sea turtles, elasmobranchs) in a variety of marine ecosystems. More specifically, he investigates how they use habitats and resources (their ecological roles) and how ecosystems can be affected by the presence of these animals, which includes their top down effects on resources and behavior, as well as nutrient dynamics. Empirical studies and a rich theoretical framework also demonstrate marine megafauna can affect ecosystems through more diverse pathways, including those that are driven by behavior.

For example, Dr. Kiszka studies the roles of cetaceans, green turtles and several species of elasmobranchs in facilitating access to resources to other species (e.g. teleosts, seabirds), and how mixed-species associations can affect community dynamics. His work implies the use and development of new and innovative research tools and methods to study marine megafauna ecology and conservation issues, particularly since these species are so challenging to observe. Through research and education, he also creates outreach tools and works on providing opportunities for students from minority groups and developing countries to build capacity.


Since August 2019

Assistant Professor (FIU Department of Biological Sciences)

2016 - 2019

Research Assistant Professor (FIU School of Environment, Arts and Society)

2012 - 2016

Postdoctoral associate (FIU School of Environment, Arts and Society; Marine Community and Behavioral Ecology lab)

2010 - 2012

Postdoctoral associate (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Montpellier, France)

2007 - 2010

PhD student (Université de La Rochelle, France)


Dr. Kiszka has advised the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the International Whaling Commission, the US Marine Mammal Commission, and the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission among others. He has also written several IUCN Red List Assessments for cetaceans, as part of his activities within the Cetacean Specialist Group of IUCN. He regularly attends the Working Party on Ecosystems and Bycatch at the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, particularly to address marine mammal threats and management issues in the Indian Ocean.

Editorial Work

Dr. Kiszka is also an Associate Editor of Endangered Species Research and Frontiers in Marine Science and he is also one of the following Topic Editors for this Special Issue: Small cetacean conservation: current challenges and opportunities. In 2021, Dr. Kiszka will be the co-chair of the Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals.