Enrico Corsi

Enrico Corsi is a PhD student at the Marine Sciences Program of FIU


Animal behavior, understanding how the environment shapes the evolution of societies.


If you want to collaborate with Enrico or know more about his work, drop him a line.


Enrico is a behavioural ecologist investigating how the environment shapes the evolution of societies. He has always been fascinated by biology from a very young age with a particular interest in animal behaviour. Enrico has worked with a wide variety of species including birds and guppies, but his own research has so far always used cetaceans as model species.

His project uses social network analysis to compare the societies of seven sympatric species of Hawaiian odontocetes to observe how they differ and to investigate whether such differences are correlated to the environment they inhabit, including their social environment and disturbance from human activity. His research is a collaboration between Cascadia Research Collective’s Hawaii office, directed by Dr. Robin W. Baird, and Florida International University, with Dr. Jeremy Kiszka as his major professor.


Since 2018

PhD Student (FIU Department of Biological Sciences, Marine Conservation Ecology lab)

2017 - 2018

Intern at Cascadia Research Collective

2015 - 2016

MSc Animal Behavior (University of Exeter, UK)


BSc (University of Pisa, Italy) and intern at the Namibian Dolphin Project