Miguel Cabrera Reyes is a master’s student at FIU


Development of suction-cup camera tags for small cetaceans.


If you want to collaborate with Miguel or know more about his work, drop him a line.


Miguel has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Florida International University. His previous work includes the development of a solar-powered pesticide spraying robot.

He is currently working on the development of camera tags for small cetaceans to improve our understanding of their behavior, ecology, and energetics. The tag is being developed using CFD (Computer Flow Dynamics) simulations and will later be validated and experimented with dolphins under human care, and ultimately on different species of wild dolphins.


Since 2022

Master's in Computer Science, FIU (co-advised by Dr. Jeremy Kiszka)

Since 2022

Graduate Research Assistant (MoRA lab)

2018 - 2021

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, FIU