Janis Argeswara is a Fulbright master’s student at FIU


Manta ray reproductive ecology (seasonality, size measurements, and growth rates) in Indonesia.


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Janis has a bachelor’s degree in marine biology from Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia. Her past research focused on plastic pollution on land, rivers, and in oceans, as well as on microplastics pollution in manta rays in Indonesia.

Janis is a Fulbright master’s student. Her research now focuses on reef manta ray (Mobula alfredi) reproductive ecology in Indonesia. She is investigating the seasonality, body length, and growth rates of manta rays within the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area, Bali, Indonesia. She works closely with the Marine Megafauna Foundation.


Since 2022

Master’s student at FIU (Marine Conservation Ecology Lab)

Since 2021

Project Leader, Marine Megafauna Foundation

2019 - 2021

Research assistant, Marine Megafauna Foundation

2015 - 2019

Bachelor’s in Marine Biology, Udayana University